We are delighted to announce the formation of the Glasgow St. Pauli Supporters club.


Our Aims


  1. To provide a friendly environment for local based supporters of FC St. Pauli.

  2. To provide its members with a way to watch live or replays of the fixtures of FC St. Pauli.

  3. To reflect the values and ethos of FC St. Pauli - Standing against all forms of discrimination.

  4. Ensuring people feel welcome at our meetings, whilst making sure members and guests are aware of the ideology of FC St. Pauli.

  5. Where possible to donate an amount (%) of any surplus which will be determined at the end of each financial year to a charity chosen by the members of the club at the AGM.

  6. To assist worthy causes by member participation in events.




  1. Membership starts on 1st January each year and will end on 31st December each year. 

Memberships bought after 1st January still require full payment and are only valid until 31st December.


2. The membership fee is set prior to the start of the season, during an annual vote of all current members.

3. Each member has an equal power, with each person having 1 vote on all Glasgow St. Pauli matters. Where appropriate, important decisions will be voted on by all members. 

4. In situations which require privacy or involve sensitive matters, Glasgow St. Pauli has a committee which will vote on such issues. See committee section.


Finances – Membership Fund


  1. A membership fee is required to cover the running costs of the group. see payment details below

1.1 The membership fee for 2015/16 is £30.00 and will be agreed at the start of each season thereafter by a membership vote (see point 2 in membership section), and either a percentage or the entirety of this fee will go towards the membership fund. How the membership fee is divided and used is also decided by members by way of a vote.

1.2 For each new membership fee, each member will recieve 1 scarf, 1 pack of stickers (160 items per pack) 4 button pin badges and metal club pin badge.


2. Runnings costs include (but are not limited to): 

2.1 Maintenance of digital media, such as our website and social media.

2.2 Costs involved in making flags/banners, stickers, scarfs, organising events or other such activities with the purpose of helping to fund the ongoing and exceptional costs of the fan club.

2.3 To organise trips to watch FC St. Pauli at the Millerntor Stadion or away venues.

2.4 Membership fees are kept in a bank account which is administered by the treasurer and funds are used for the specific purposes outlined above.

2.5 The committee will also vote on use of club funds for ‘worthy causes’.




  1. FC St. Pauli is more than a football club. It has a strong and passionate stance against all forms of discrimination. Members of Glasgow St. Pauli should support this ethos, and members should act in accordance with this ethos, namely: 

1. No discrimination of any kind will be tolerated, in any circumstances.

2. Any anti-social behaviour, such as violence, threats of violence or inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated. 

3. Discrimination is defined as “it is forbidden to defame people, because of colour of skin, religion, gender or sexual orientation.” This is the same as the FC St. Pauli stadium rules, which we echo.


2. Members should be particularly aware of any guests from charities or organisations that we welcome to our events, and ensure that our guests feel comfortable and welcome.

3. Furthermore, members should be aware of and adhere to the rules of the appropriate venue at all times. We have full respect for the venues we use, and will fully support the decision of any venue if a member is adjudged to have broken one of their rules.

4. Any behaviour deemed not appropriate can be referred to the committee by anyone, and can be reported either in person, or via email to fcspglasgow@gmail.com The committee will then assess the issue and decide how to proceed.

5. Any conduct that breaches the above outlined behaviours may result in membership being revoked and you being banned from future Glasgow St. Pauli events.




  1. Glasgow St. Pauli has a committee, consisting of 5 members at any one time. 

Each member of the committee must be a fully paid member.


1.1 A committee member can stand down at any time.

1.2. The committee is open to all, and as such any paid member of Glasgow St. Pauli can ask to be join the committee. The membership will be consulted as to whether there are any objections towards the member joining the committee, and unless any objections are forthcoming they will join the committee immediately. The only exception is if a sensitive situation or incident is being discussed by the committee and therefore it is not suitable for the member to join immediately, at which point the member will join following the conclusion of such discussions.

1.3. Any member can raise a complaint against any or all of the committee and have a vote of no confidence. This would then be put to the membership as a whole to discuss how to proceed.

1.4. At the end of each season (from 2015/16 onwards), the committee will be asked if they have any objections to any or all of the committee continuing for the following season, and if any objections are raised these will be brought to the attention of the whole membership to vote on how to proceed. At this point, it will be re-enforced to members that anyone can join the committee to see whether there are any members who wish to join the committee at this point.

2. The role of the committee is to be proactive in organising and running the fanclub on a daily basis, as well as making the daily unimportant decisions that do not require a membership vote. However, unless it is impractical to do so, all important decisions will be referred to the entire membership for a membership vote.

3. The committee also oversees the membership and enforces the constitution. Where a member breaches the constitution, the committee will enforce the rules and decide on what action the group should take. Where possible, major decisions will be referred to the entire membership, however some incidents require discretion or a quick response, meaning a membership vote is impractical. 

3.1 The committee will work to a majority vote of at least 4 of the committee in favour of the decision, against a total of 5 committee members. 

4. In the event of a member being unhappy with a committee decision, they have the right to appeal. In this instance, the entire membership will hear the circumstances involved and the reasoning of the committee. The membership will then make a majority decision based on the circumstances.